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12 June 2020

The 9th Grade School Supply Check List

For any grade level, having the right supplies is important to get a good start to the school year. The 9th-grade year is one of the few times students might switch schools, from middle school to their high school so it’s important you have everything you need for your freshman year of high school.  Many […] ...
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21 May 2020

5 Educational Games To Play With Your Kids During Quarantine

For many places, it’s been more than a month since we’ve been asked to stay home to slow the spread through social distancing. For many, there’s also no end in sight for these orders and it’s becoming harder to keep the kids entertained.  Everyone is tired of the board games you already have. Video chatting, […] ...
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3 April 2020

The Most Useful School Supplies for Teachers

When the academic year begins each year, it’s common to find teachers scrambling around to find the best supplies to make the year both more educational and more fun for their students. Just like students, teachers also want to make sure their collection of great supplies never gets too low, and if you’re a teacher, […] ...
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27 March 2020

25 Cool School Supplies Every Kid Will Love

We’ve put together a list of the best school supplies that your kids are bound to love. Here’s a secret: you may be tempted to keep all of these supplies yourself. 1) Pacon Super Bright Flash Cards Make studying a fun and easy activity with these super bright flash cards. Studying for a test or […] ...
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8 January 2020

Cute School Supplies for the 2020 School Year

The holidays are coming to a close and it’s time to head back to school. One way to banish the ‘Back to School Blues’ for your kids is to give them the gift of the most popular back to school supplies. There are so many cute school supplies on the market today that you’re going […] ...
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