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3 April 2020

The Most Useful School Supplies for Teachers

When the academic year begins each year, it’s common to find teachers scrambling around to find the best supplies to make the year both more educational and more fun for their students. Just like students, teachers also want to make sure their collection of great supplies never gets too low, and if you’re a teacher, […] ...
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27 March 2020

25 Cool School Supplies Every Kid Will Love

We’ve put together a list of the best school supplies that your kids are bound to love. Here’s a secret: you may be tempted to keep all of these supplies yourself. 1) Pacon Super Bright Flash Cards Make studying a fun and easy activity with these super bright flash cards. Studying for a test or […] ...
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20 March 2020

How To Write Off Office Supplies On Your Business Taxes

Small businesses are allowed to deduct 100% of their office supplies on business taxes each year. However, it is important to understand the differences between office supplies, office equipment, and office expenses, as well as the requirements surrounding these deductions. You should keep records of both and make sure that you have your receipts on […] ...
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12 March 2020

33 Desk Supplies to Make Your Workspace More Fun

When you spend a lot of your day sitting at your desk, you can break up the monotony by adding some fun to your desk supplies. You can decorate your space as you would your room at home, or you can stay away from ordinary office supplies and let your personality shine through in what […] ...
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6 March 2020

Are Open Office Plans the Worst Management Fad of All Time

Open office plans were once thought to bring people together by breaking down the walls between them. In the 1940s, companies began to create open floor plans with desks separated by filing cabinets. It may have worked, but companies started to put too many people into the same space, which led to crowding, distractions, and […] ...
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27 February 2020

The Best Cleaning Supplies For Home and Office

It’s probably no surprise, but most people don’t really take great pleasure in cleaning up. Unfortunately, it is a necessary task, especially if you have employees in your office. When keeping your home or office clean, sometimes the cleaning supplies you’re using are just as important as the time you put into cleaning.  No matter […] ...
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17 February 2020

Our Cleaning Supplies List For 2020 And Beyond

Whether you are cleaning your house or you are starting a cleaning business, you need the right cleaning supplies. When you have all of the supplies you need, cleaning is easy. Can you imagine anything worse than cleaning your bathroom only to find that you don’t have a toilet brush? Use our handy cleaning supplies […] ...
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10 February 2020

The Ultimate Office Kitchen Supplies List For 2020

Businesses and offices have different needs for kitchen supplies, depending on what kind of business they are. Some offices encourage employees to eat healthily and have a kitchen for meal prep; others have just the basics. We’ve put together the ultimate kitchen supplies list for 2020 to help you find what you need and make […] ...
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