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26 June 2020

OfficeCrave’s Ultimate College Supply Checklist

Soon, you will be off on your own away from home, experiencing the exciting life of a college student. Since for many young adults this will be their first time living away from home, it’s important to prepare and make a checklist of items you should bring from home or buy. You will need more […] ...
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12 June 2020

The 9th Grade School Supply Check List

For any grade level, having the right supplies is important to get a good start to the school year. The 9th-grade year is one of the few times students might switch schools, from middle school to their high school so it’s important you have everything you need for your freshman year of high school.  Many […] ...
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1 June 2020

Easy Disinfectants That You Can Make at Home

It’s always important to have good disinfecting solutions and wipes around the house, especially in this day and age. Although there are tons of disinfecting products on the market, a lot of people are more interested in an all-natural approach and are therefore more interested in making these disinfectants themselves. Sanitizing and Disinfecting Basics For […] ...
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29 May 2020

Why Your Business Plan Needs to Account for Exit Planning

48% of entrepreneurs do not have an exit strategy. This is because having an exit strategy is not usually something that they think of till they have to leave the business, whether willingly or not. If you want to secure your business’s financial future and have some peace of mind when leaving your business, you […] ...
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21 May 2020

5 Educational Games To Play With Your Kids During Quarantine

For many places, it’s been more than a month since we’ve been asked to stay home to slow the spread through social distancing. For many, there’s also no end in sight for these orders and it’s becoming harder to keep the kids entertained.  Everyone is tired of the board games you already have. Video chatting, […] ...
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14 May 2020

Where to Buy Supplies When Amazon, Walmart, & Staples are Sold Out

In this time of quarantine and social distancing, stocking your household with the essentials is hard. It’s hard to maintain social distancing requirements in stores and can be nerve-wracking to go shopping if you have an underlying condition. Your favorite online retailers are routinely sold out of the things you need or there’s been an […] ...
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8 May 2020

The Five Surfaces in Your Home That Everyone Forgets to Clean

Everyone loves a clean home but most people tend to clean only the obvious items in their homes, such as floors, cabinet tops, and furniture. Weekly cleaning usually covers just the basics and most people only do “spring cleaning,” i.e., a complete top-to-bottom cleaning, once a year. But is that really enough? Believe it or […] ...
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24 April 2020

The OfficeCrave Window Cleaning Supplies List

Whether at home or work, everyone wants clean windows. Dirty windows replete with fingerprints and smudges that you’re unable to see through are unappealing and less than desirable.  Many people grew up with window cleaning as a chore. Mom would hand them a roll of paper towels and some spray and they’d spend their day […] ...
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