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Lexmark Rewards

Lexmark Rewards

What is the Lexmark Rewards Program?

It is a customer loyalty program for Lexmark C540/​X540/​CS310/​CS410/​CS510/​CX310/​CX410/​CX510 Series color laser printers that provides value added Rewards to participants for loyalty and good environmental recycling practices. Customers earn FREE high yield toner cartridges and imaging kits for returning spent cartridges to Lexmark for recycling or reuse. Signing up for the program is FREE. Lexmark provides pre-paid cartridge return materials in every new supply product.

How many cartridges do I have to return to receive a FREE toner cartridge reward?

For every 10 genuine Lexmark C540/​X540/​CS310/​CS410/​CS510/​CX310/​CX410/​CX510 toner cartridges returned you can receive one FREE high yield toner cartridge. The four starter toner cartridges that come with your printer will count towards your FREE high yield toner cartridge and imaging kit if returned.

For more information click on Lexmark Rewards.