For any grade level, having the right supplies is important to get a good start to the school year. The 9th-grade year is one of the few times students might switch schools, from middle school to their high school so it’s important you have everything you need for your freshman year of high school. 

Many of these supplies will come in handy for future years and classes and might even last into college if you take care of it! That might come as a relief when you start tallying your list and realize just how much your 9th-grade school supplies will end up costing.

For General Studies Classes

Sturdy and supportive backpack

Bottle of hand sanitizer

Water bottle

Box of Kleenex

No. 2 pencils

Pencil pouch


Glue sticks

Bottle of white glue

White eraser

Pink eraser 

Washable markers 

Two packages of college ruled paper

One package copy paper


Pocket dictionary

Two or Three 1-inch 3-ring binder

Pens (blue or black)

20-25 page protectors

One to Two 2-inch 3-ring binders


Staple remover

Pencil Sharpener

File folders

20-25 Tabbed dividers (spread among the classes)

Student planner

Index cards – 3×5 inch

Post-It Notes

2-3 spiral-bound notebooks

Book socks


Foreign Language Classes

Foreign Language Picture Dictionary

Foreign Language Dictionary

Bilingual Language Learning Apps

Science Classes 

Quadratic composition book

Scientific Calculator

Regular composition book


Geometry set

Graphing calculator 

Graph paper (separate from the composition book)

Mechanical pencils


Drawing pad



Combination lock

Gym clothes

Hygiene items

Hand towel


With this comprehensive list, you should have everything you need to be successful in the 9th grade and beyond. Go into your classes confident that you’re ready to earn top grades.