The atmosphere in the workplace can play a huge part in the employees’ moods, productivity, and creativity. In turn, this can play a significant role in how your employees and your business perform. If you want to get the best from your staff, it makes sense to create a workplace that’s professional, stimulating and conducive to a great working environment.

Think about the colors on the walls, the interior design, the type of furniture, and even the decorative touches such as plants and artwork. The choice of fixtures, fittings, and furnishings can be more important than you think.

If your workplace could do with a makeover, here are some of the best office decor ideas that your team will love.

Think Carefully About Your Color Scheme

It may surprise you to know that different colors can affect your mood and productivity. For example, calming colors such as blue and green can help to promote a relaxed mood while bright colors such as red, orange and yellow can invigorate and energize. It’s important to choose an appropriate color palette for your office and to use colors wisely.

A workplace that’s decorated in calming colors like light blue can help to reduce stress and boost levels of productivity. whereas walls that are completely white or grey, while minimal and clean looking, can feel sterile and uninspiring.

This doesn’t mean you need to paint your entire office bright blue though. You can take a subtle approach and use stripes, patterns, or even abstract shapes to add a bit of color. Or, you could paint a single wall or even a single room with a different color than the rest of the office to change things up.

For example, meeting rooms that are regularly used for team meetings or brainstorming could have a bright orange or yellow wall to encourage creativity, while open-plan working areas may benefit from walls in green or blue to encourage a balanced and calming atmosphere.

Incorporate Your Brand Colors

Your brand logo has been created to make your business instantly recognizable so why not incorporate the colors of your logo into your office color scheme? It not only makes your office feel more personal, but it will make your employees feel more like a team.

If your brand or logo is comprised of very bright colors, you may want to use these as accent colors rather than as the primary color throughout your office. It’s one of the easiest office décor ideas to put into place.

Display Your Company’s Mission Statement

You’ve probably worked hard to develop a mission statement that clearly spells out your company’s goals and aspirations. But how many of your staff, customers or clients are fully aware of what these are?

One way to get your message across and motivate your staff is to display your mission statement in an obvious position where it can be seen by your employees and any visitors to your business. Good locations to put up your sign include the reception area or in the common areas where your staff gather to eat or grab a coffee.

Hang Team Photos & Project Photos

Is your business involved in charity events? Do you participate in team-building activities? Do you have internal awards and honors?

If your team takes part in these or any other types of activities, it’s always a great idea to take plenty of photos. Turn an area into a ‘team gallery’ where everyone can see the photos. It will not only foster better team spirit but it will encourage them to organize and take part in more events too.

It’s also a good idea to hang photos of any products or projects your business has created. Showcase your work so your team can take pride in what they’ve done and that any potential clients or customers that come in see what you’ve produced.

Invest in Comfortable Seating

First impressions count, and while it’s always important to invest in comfortable office seating for reception areas, it’s also important to ensure that your staff has comfortable and well-designed chairs, especially if their job requires them to sit for most of the day. This is also one of those office decor ideas your employees will thank you for.

Investing in ergonomic chairs for your staff is not only a health and safety requirement, but it will show your staff that you care about their welfare.

If your employees are still sitting on old, unsupportive chairs, they are unlikely to perform at their best, plus they could end up having to take time off work due to aches and pains or injury. If you can’t afford to replace all your office chairs, it’s possible to buy cushions, footrests and other aids that will help your staff to adopt a better posture as they work.

New chairs are also a great way to inject color into your workplace, especially if you choose colorways that fit in with your brand. Plus, they’ll help to reduce the number of days staff call in sick due to backache and other musculoskeletal problems.

Allow Staff to Personalize Their Workspace

office decor ideas

One way to make your staff adopt more ownership of their workplace is by encouraging them to personalize the area or cubicle where they work. After all, they spend a large proportion of their waking life there so it makes total sense.

This could range from allowing them to display personal photographs and plants or adding cool pieces of artwork around the office.

Section Spaces with Dividers

Open office environments create a cool, modern look for the workplace and the lack of walls helps to encourage and increase communication and collaboration between team members. However, this kind of environment doesn’t work well for all situations and all people.

One way to keep the open plan feel while providing an element of privacy is with the use of dividers. Glass dividers help to define spaces while keeping the whole look open and airy. Half-height dividers help to section off workspaces while still allowing the free flow of conversation.

Fabric dividers can be made to complement the existing color scheme, or different colored dividers can be used to identify different teams. Overall, they’re a good way to foster team spirit and collaborative working while offering a sense of privacy and self-containment when needed.

Make the Most of Natural Light

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We all know that good lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-designed workplace. If the lighting isn’t right, it can lead to physical problems such as headaches but it can also lead to staff feeling tired and demotivated and put them in a negative frame of mind.

While natural lighting is always the best, it’s not possible to have this all day every day. Therefore, you should try to make the most of the natural light available by keeping windows unobstructed as much as possible. However, as we all know, too much sunlight can also cause problems for both screens and eyes, so always ensure that you have blinds that can be easily adjusted when needed.

Hang Mirrors

If you think that mirrors are just for restrooms; think again. By hanging mirrors in your workspace, you’ll not only incorporate more light, make the office space feel bigger and more open but your employees will be able to check their appearance before they go into big meetings or presentations. They’ll thank you for this!

Add Greenery

Nothing says cool and sophisticated more than an image of an office decorated with healthy greenery. There’s no need to go out and buy up your local garden center; there are plenty of services that provide both the plants and their upkeep, so you don’t need to worry about keeping them watered, fed and happy.

What’s more, there are inexpensive, but high-quality faux plants on sale today. These give your office a great look and require no upkeep whatsoever. You won’t get all of the same benefits as you would from real plants but can definitely help improve the office atmosphere.

Provide Plenty of Storage

Too much clutter is known to cause stress so make sure that you provide enough office storage to accommodate all your supplies, files, and equipment. Get rid of any old boxes and unwanted and out-of-date equipment and supplies regularly and keep everything that you don’t use on a daily basis stored away.

It’s also helpful to have storage available at workstations so that employees can clear away the items on their desks after they have finished work, especially if your business has a ‘clear desk’ policy or for those people who are by nature, naturally tidy.

Small Office Decor Ideas

home office decor ideas
Many of the ideas above work just as well for small offices. In a restricted space, it’s best to keep the main color light with one or two accent colors. Pay attention to the type of lighting used; you want the space to be well lit but not too bright as this can cause headaches. One way to make the space appear larger is with the use of mirrors. These will help to increase the amount of light, especially if they’re positioned opposite a source of natural light.

You may also want to look at sectional office furniture that can be used in multiple ways to accommodate your changing number of staff members.

Seasonal Office Decor Ideas

Many businesses choose to add extra decorations to their workplace to celebrate seasons and celebrations. This is particularly true at Halloween and Christmas and decorating in this way can really bring out the holiday spirit in your workers.

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Offices

While it may not be appropriate to go overboard and cover your office with spiders’ webs and bats, adding a small display of something like carved pumpkins will give a nod to the spirit of Halloween. If your company is more liberal and creative, allowing workers to decorate their cubicle with their own take on Halloween is a fun and simple way to get your staff motivated while still being productive. Decorations can also be hung in the background to create a holiday feel. Strings of fairy or pumpkin lights will generate a spooky vibe while putting out candy on the desks will encourage coworkers to mingle.

Or, if you want to really up the ante; how about a fancy dress day, where workers can dress in any way they choose or perhaps organize a bring-a-skeleton-to-work day where workers can invite a skeleton to share their cubicle for the day?

Getting your staff involved in events such as this will help to build team spirit and a sense of loyalty to the company. If you invest in your staff – they’ll invest in you!

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Don’t keep all your Christmas decorating ideas for the home. Inject a little seasonal spirit and holiday fun into the office with some of our great Christmas office decorating ideas. Hanging baubles or snowflakes from the ceilings will bring Christmas cheer without cluttering up work surfaces, while a few Christmas trees positioned throughout the office will enable workers to see their twinkling lights while they work.

A string of colorful baubles can look particularly festive when hanged over stairwells while positioning wreaths on doors will offer seasonal greetings to staff and visitors alike.

You may want to consider adding a ‘welcome’ table complete with Christmas candies and snacks or have a competition for the best-dressed cubicle or office where all staff can be involved with decorating the office.

Home Office Decor Ideas

Thoughtful office decor is not just suitable for office workplaces; it can make all the difference to workers who work from offices at home. So, when it comes to home office ideas, take inspiration from some of the ideas that we’ve outlined above; they work equally well for a home-based office.

Think about investing in practical but comfortable office furniture like an ergonomic chair, and don’t forget to incorporate plenty of shelves and cabinets for storage. Don’t just be basic, build out the office to help improve your workflow and productivity.

You don’t have to go out and buy brand new designer furniture.  Be creative: try incorporating modern seating with a vintage desk, for example. Or why not create a desk from a couple of trestle legs and a piece of countertop?

With an office in your home, you can afford to add more personal touches. The idea is to make your space into a place where you want to work and where you will feel more productive. Of course, it may be that your home office is part of a multi-purpose room. If this is the case, try to incorporate enough storage to enable you to safely store all of your work items out of the way when you have finished for the day.

Which Office Decor Ideas for Workplaces Will You Use?

These are just a few of the best office decor ideas that will help to improve team morale and increase productivity. Remember, though, that office decor will need to be updated regularly if you want to continue to provide an inspiring and comfortable working environment that helps to motivate your staff.

While it may seem like a considerable investment to redecorate or redesign your office, it will show that you do care about providing a healthy and pleasant work environment. This will pay dividends in the long run with more motivated and happier employees. Take a look around your office today and see what improvements you can make.