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2 March 2021

Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer Overview

The Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer is a commercial solution for disinfecting surfaces using an electrostatic sprayer and Clorox cleaning products. The electrostatic part means that all the particles of solution sprayed are electrostatically charged to better cover surfaces, making hard-to-reach places easier to disinfect. In the current situation we find ourselves globally, this sprayer […] ...
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3 December 2020

The Best Electrostatic Sprayer Options You Can Buy Online

One of the best positive impressions a company can make, especially in a time where people are more concerned than ever with health, is to offer a guarantee of cleanliness and sanitation. Regular surface disinfection is important to ensuring the hygiene of customers and employees alike, and there is no easier way of proving dedication […] ...
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27 October 2020

How to Sanitize Your iPhone

In this new COVID-19 world that we are living in, we have become a lot more conscious about washing our hands, using hand sanitizer and sanitizing items in our daily lives. Perhaps the personal item that has the most germs on it and is exposed to all kinds of bacteria is our iPhone. Think about […] ...
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8 May 2020

The Five Surfaces in Your Home That Everyone Forgets to Clean

Everyone loves a clean home but most people tend to clean only the obvious items in their homes, such as floors, cabinet tops, and furniture. Weekly cleaning usually covers just the basics and most people only do “spring cleaning,” i.e., a complete top-to-bottom cleaning, once a year. But is that really enough? Believe it or […] ...
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24 April 2020

The OfficeCrave Window Cleaning Supplies List

Whether at home or work, everyone wants clean windows. Dirty windows replete with fingerprints and smudges that you’re unable to see through are unappealing and less than desirable.  Many people grew up with window cleaning as a chore. Mom would hand them a roll of paper towels and some spray and they’d spend their day […] ...
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