In the world of security cameras, your options are essentially limitless. There are different brands, different camera options, different configurations, and even different functionalities like motion detection and night vision. However, when it comes to the top brands, Night Owl Security Cameras have definitely separated themselves from the pack.

While Night Owl offers quite a few different camera options and packages, here’s a breakdown of some of their more popular choices.

Night Owl Camera Features

Type of Recording, NVR vs. DVR

The ability to record video is crucial to the core function of a security camera since the footage can identify intruders and provide vital information to police, insurance companies, and the community at large. Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Network Video Recording (NVR) both accomplish the same goal but with different equipment and storage methods.


Digital Video Recording is more conventional CCTV recording, usually using an analog camera and coaxial cable. Power for a DVR recorder, similar to a home television system, comes from the home’s electrical system.


Network Video Recording uploads recorded video onto the internet using an Ethernet connection or other internet connection. The NVR system is powered through the ethernet connection.

Night Owl Offers Both DVR and NVR options. The cameras are waterproof and damage-resistant.


Night Owl offers wireless and wired security cameras. The wired systems have cables of 300 ft in length for the DVR systems and 1,000 ft for the NVR systems. Both options are long enough for convenient installation in most residential homes. However, for more expansive properties, a wireless system might be better. NVR systems tend to cost a bit more than DVR systems.

Wireless systems allow you to place cameras beyond the range of the cables required for the wired systems. For standalone cameras, Wi-Fi connections enable the cameras to transmit video footage. However, in this case, cameras can only connect if they are within range of your Wi-Fi, about 300 ft. The AC-powered NVR system has a larger 1,000 ft. Wi-Fi range.

Video Quality

Night Owl camera systems are available in various camera resolutions, ranging from 2 megapixels to 8 megapixels (4K resolution).

The cameras include infrared filters that reduce color distortion and night vision capabilities so that they can record even in areas that are not brightly lit at night. Night vision recordings are not in color.

Continuous Recording

Continuous recording is essentially when the camera captures everything that happens in front of the camera at any time of day. While this feature is available on a wide range of models, it is only available for AC-powered Night Owl Cameras.

Motion Recording and Motion Zones

All Night Owl security cameras offer motion detection to alert you when an intruder might be present. For systems that are connected to the internet, you have the option of observing your camera feed from a safe distance. DVR systems without an internet connection will detect motion but do not allow for remote viewing.


The video recording menu allows the user to schedule when the camera records.

Live Video Feed

Live video feed is available for on-site viewing or for remote viewing for systems with internet access.

Privacy Mask

To avoid recording your family or neighbors, Night Owl cameras can be set to have a privacy mask that prevents recording for some parts of the camera’s field of view.

What Are Night Owl Cameras Best For?

Night Owl sells cameras that are customized for different security applications. They are best used for home security and office security applications however they can be used effectively just about anywhere.

Indoor Cameras

Night owl’s interior cameras have motion detection capabilities and many of the features of the exterior cameras.

Doorbell Camera

Night owl sells 1080p doorbell cameras with motion and infrared detection capability. Two-way audio capability for doorbell cameras allows the user to talk to people who ring the doorbell.

Outdoor Cameras

Night Owl cameras are waterproof and weather-resistant, so they function well as exterior cameras.

Night Owl Cameras FAQ

Can Night Owl Cameras Be Hacked?

Like any Wi-Fi-enabled device, Night Owl NVR cameras could be vulnerable to hacking. Users should make sure their firewall is active and scan their Wi-Fi network frequently for threats.

How Long Do Night Owl Cameras Last?

Long-term reliability data for Night Owl Cameras is not available, but the company provides a one-year warranty for its products.

Does Night Owl Security Need the Internet?

Both DVR and NVR systems offered by Night Owl allow you to view footage without an internet connection. However, you will need the internet to view recordings remotely.

What Happens If You Unplug a Security Camera?

Some Night Owl Cameras are battery-powered, so there is no need to worry about them being unplugged.

Can You Talk Through Night Owl Cameras?

The ability to speak to and listen to potential intruders is important for many reasons. If the person on your property is simply lost, needs assistance, or has a legitimate reason to be there, audio contact allows you to de-escalate the situation and resolve the issue. If an intruder is on your property for malicious reasons, a warning might be enough to scare them off. Alternatively, being able to listen to the intruders without them knowing could provide you and the police with valuable information about their intentions.

Which is Better: Night Owl or Lorex?

Lorex and Night Owl offer comparable products. There are differences in the range of cameras offered, and Lorex offers a longer trial period (60 days versus 90 days). Aside from these minor differences, there is no apparent reason to prefer one over the other.

Do Night Owl Cameras Record All the Time?

Night Owl Cameras that have AC power can record all the time, but battery-powered cameras do not in order to conserve battery life.

Does Night Owl Have a Monthly Fee?

There are no monthly fees for Night Owl cameras, however if you plan to save your recordings in the cloud there may be subscription fees.

Night Owl Vs. Other Camera Brands

The Night Owl security cameras are convenient and easy-to-set-up surveillance systems with many options that allow the user to keep tabs on their home from a secure location. They offer a variety of kits and camera types, allowing users to customize their security systems. Night Owl systems are built for users who want to take control of their security and have advanced video and audio surveillance equipment at their fingertips.

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