Every individual has a fundamental need to feel valued and appreciated both in their personal and professional lives. In the workplace, celebrating the employee of the month can bring about numerous benefits for your office and the entire organization.

Today, we will review many of the benefits of celebrating the employee of the month in your office, highlight how important it can be, and offer a few suggestions on how best to appreciate your employees.

The Importance of Recognizing An Employee of the Month

Managing your employees can sometimes be a daunting task. Many human resources managers struggle to create and maintain a conducive work environment and encourage employee morale.

If you are having difficulties like these, the trick could be in implementing an employee recognition program. Here’s what employee recognition and appreciation can do for your office and the entire organization.

Helps You to Create a Strong Company Culture

Celebrating the employee of the month helps mold a strong company culture. For starters, it increases employee morale and happiness. An employee whose effort is noticed and appreciated feels more connected to their work and their employer. Employee of the month nominations ultimately create a more positive work environment.

Increases Employee Loyalty and Engagement

Employees working in a positive environment are more likely to become strong company advocates. The appreciation establishes a better rapport between you and your employees, which increases employee engagement. Employees who happily engage in their work have a more positive attitude and are more productive.

Improves Employee Performance

Recognizing the work your employees do in the office could lead to them improving their performance. Recognizing your employees’ contributions shows them how attentive you are and how much you value their role.

These are only a few of the reasons why an employee recognition program is crucial. With its importance clear to you, ask yourself how you can effectively show your appreciation to your staff.

An Employee of the Month Rubric

Before you rush to pick your employee of the month, one way to ensure the monthly recognition is sustainable is by defining the parameters that you will be looking at when identifying the month’s standout employee.

Are you rewarding the most hardworking employee or the best team-player? Get specific on the values, characteristics, and accomplishments that, in your eyes, determine what the monthly program is meant to reward.

Doing so will allow the awarded employee to know exactly what you are appreciating them for, and it will show others what to aim for if they want to get on the employee of the month board.

Here are a few nomination examples for employee of the month:

1. Standout achiever of the month

You could look at the employee who went above and beyond their job description, choosing excellence over just doing the bare minimum.

2. Standout collaboration

If you intend to build stronger unity within your office, you could reward the team members that you feel were exemplary. Share what elements of their collaboration impressed you to provide future teams with an idea of what to do for you to deem them exemplary as well.

3. Problem solver

An employee might not standout under normal circumstances but might excel at problem-solving. Celebrating such an employee will highlight your ability to acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s strengths and would encourage other employees to showcase other possible areas they excel in.

4. Office cheerleader

Sometimes you need an employee who always brings joy and energy to the office. They might not be standout performers or great problem solvers, but the positivity they bring should be acknowledged, appreciated, and encouraged.

5. Outstanding service

This could refer to an employee’s service to customers or their colleagues. Having an employee who dedicates their time to the service of others is excellent, and it is important to celebrate such a noble dedication.

Great Employee of the Month Gift Ideas

When trying to come up with ways of celebrating the employee of the month, you could either keep it simple or add some extravagance. The options are almost limitless. From gift cards to office appliances and extra vacation days, here are some of the ways you can celebrate your office’s employee of the month.

An Employee of the Month Plaque, Certificate, or Trophy

Who doesn’t like receiving a trophy in honor of their efforts and contributions? It can be a great way to appreciate your employees, and, just like an employee of the month certificate, it can be something the employee could display in their home.

Alternatively, you could celebrate their achievement by showcasing them on a plaque that you could hang up in the break room. You could choose between an individual plaque or one that combines the names of all the employees whose work you feel stood out.

A Month of Celebration

Make your employee feel more appreciated by spreading out the available gifts across an entire month. These gifts could range from flowers on one day to free coffee on another.

Office Gifts and Perks

You could reward your employee of the month with office equipment gift options such as desks or a new executive office chair. Consider combining such gifts with perks like the perfect parking spot or letting them leave work early every Friday of that month.

Additional Days Off

Reward an employee’s extra effort with a few additional days off that they could spend with friends or family. This will help them recharge and come back with more energy.

Special Outings

If you are looking for a more personal way to celebrate the employee of the month, you could consider arranging a special outing for them. Taking the employee for lunch at their favorite restaurant could provide you with the opportunity to show your appreciation, and you can learn more about their professional and personal lives.

Choosing Your Next Employee Of The Month

Keeping your employees motivated and engaged in their work requires a lot more than just giving them a bi-monthly paycheck. At the end of the day, your employees are people too, and people like to be appreciated.

Showing your employees that you appreciate them will significantly help in ensuring your company achieves and maintains its success. Something as small as recognizing one employee each month with an employee of the month program can be a huge motivating factor for your entire work force. Give it a try and let us know how it works out for you!