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Office Desk Supplies & Organizers

No matter whether it's a home office, a commercial office, a school office or any other type of office, no office is complete without a desk and plenty of desk supplies. While there are several different types of desks on the market, office desk supplies are a pretty universal thing. Here are a few "must-have" desk supplies for any office.

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Desk Organization Supplies

Just about anyone would agree that a clean, organized desk is easier to work at than a cluttered desk. One of the best ways to keep your desk organized and clutter-free is to make sure you have a place for everything on your desk. We carry a huge selection of desk extensions, desk filing solutions, desktop supply dispensers, and several different paper organizers and file organizers.

We carry several different 3m Self-Stick Note Dispensers that are great for keeping your sticky notes nearby and organizing your writing utensils, paper clips, and other handheld desk supplies. Sticky notes are also one of the best organization tools for your desk as they allow you to quickly identify documents, folders, and other things on your desk. These 3m self-stick note dispensers are some of the most effective office products for organizing your writing supplies and desktop. 

Pictured Left: 3M Notes Dispenser with Weighted Base, Plastic, 10 1/4" x 6 3/4" x 2 3/4", Black

Letter Trays & File Folder Racks

One of the biggest creators of desk clutter is loose, disorganized paper. Without an efficient filing system or organization system, papers tend to pile up and take over valuable desk real estate. This is why some of our favorite office desk supplies are letter trays and file folder racks.

We carry a huge selection of letter trays, stainless steel folder racks, and other file holders for desks of any size. Need something simple to keep files separated by the client? We have basic file separators and file holders in a variety of colors to match any desk or office furniture set. File holders are also available both in horizontal and vertical configurations so that you have options when it comes to your organization. 

We also have various letter tray options that can be mounted to a wall either above or next to your desk. This allows you to utilize space for your desk organization that would otherwise not exist. Because of how much space they can save you, these are some of our more popular office desk supplies in smaller offices and home offices.

Filing Cabinets

Desk Filing Cabinets

While not all desks include a filing cabinet, some larger desks come with filing cabinets built-in, and other desk options offer a detached filing cabinet. If you are in a business that requires you keep a lot of hard files readily available, you're going to want to have an organized desk filing cabinet nearby. 

If your desk did not come with a filing cabinet included, we offer a great selection of desk filing cabinets that will work with just about any desk. Some of our more popular options are 2-door and 3-door pedestal box files, portable drawer organizers, fireproof file cabinets, and so much more. We also carry a great selection of industrial-sized file cabinet options for commercial businesses.

If you are working at a standing desk or a desk that can extend, we also have many desk filing cabinet options for you. We have four and five drawer filing cabinets which fit perfectly beneath some of our standing desks. We also have portable filing drawers on wheels that can slide beneath an extendable desk when it's at full height. 

When it comes to office organization supplies and desk organization, you can never have enough filing cabinets. If you need help selecting the right filing cabinet solutions for your office or desk, contact us today to speak with a knowledgable sales team member.

Desk Drawer Organizers

Even if your desktop is neat and tidy, your desk drawers may be a whole other story. Without a proper desk drawer organizer, your drawers may end up looking like an office supply party instead of a neat drawer. 

We carry all sorts of great drawer organizers no matter what it is you're keeping in your drawers. Need something to keep your writing utensils and paper clips separated? We've got you covered! We even have drawer organizers that are perfect for your kitchen and dining room utensils.  

We have drawer organizers in a variety of dimensions and colors, so no matter whether you have a small desk with just a few drawers or a large L-Shaped executive desk to outfit, we've got plenty of drawer organization solutions for you.

Drawer Organizers

Bookends & Book Racks

Do you keep a collection of books and other texts in your office? We know that many lawyers, doctors, creatives, and other professionals can keep tens, if not hundreds of books in their offices. As the book collection in your office grows, keeping your library well organized and neat is a must. 

We carry a number of desktop bookends in a variety of styles and colors, so we're sure to have something that works for you. We carry artistic bookends, magnetic bookends, steel book supports, non-skid bookends and so much more. 

We also carry a great selection of book racks that can either be used with a desk or as stand-alone book racks. Book racks are great for keeping collections of law books, finance books, music books, or any other type of literature you may be keeping in your office. If your collection is small and growing, we also have adjustable steel book racks.  

Desk Pads & Blotters

Writing and working on a desk without a proper desk pad or blotter can be plain uncomfortable. Writing on a wooden desk without a blotter between the paper and the wood can also cause damage to the wood. has a great selection of desk pads with leather-like panels, artistic desk pads, hide-away desk pads, antimicrobial desk pads, and even lift-top desk pads. If you're looking for something simple and low-cost, we even have basic plastic desk pads and blotters for under $10. These affordable desk pads are perfect when buying bulk office furniture.

Desk Pads

Desk Accessories

When you move into a new office and get a new desk, part of making it your desk is outfitting it with desk accessories. Desk accessories have myriad uses including desk organization, functional uses like writing utensils, and even fun accessories that give your desk a personality.  

We carry all sorts of great desk accessories from crazy lamps to multi-use rotary office supply dispensers. We even carry fun desk accessories like desk toys and fun video games. Here are a few great places on you can start shopping for desk accessories for you and your colleagues. 

Document Holders

Many professionals like to display degrees, awards, and accolades in their office walls and their desks. We carry a selection of document holders and certificate document covers that are perfect to protect and display your valued documents. These document holders are also great for safely storing and moving your important documents when you don't want to display them.

Buying Office Desk Supplies At

Whether you're shopping for a small personal office, or you're buying desk supplies for your whole office, will make buying office supplies fast and easy. We carry a huge selection of desk supplies and office supplies for just about anything you could need in your office.  

Whether you're looking for organization supplies for your desk, filing, and folders, or just some desk toys to give your office some personality, you can find it all at