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72% of employees say they come to work when feeling under the weather. That should be a top concern for any business owner. By providing Kleenex Instant Hand Sanitizer to your guests and staff, you're lowering the risk of spreading germs. With its 62% ethyl alcohol formula, Kleenex kills 99.9% of germs in just 15 seconds. Each 8 oz pump bottle contains a waterless product that is dermatologist tested, carries an E3 rating, and can be used with latex gloves making it suitable for healthcare professionals, nurses, and pharmacists.

Kleenex Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers

Because it's free of alcohol, fragrance and dyes, Kleenex Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers are a top hand sanitizer choice for sensitive populations. It's gentle formula is safe for kids to use.

Kleenex Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Foaming hand sanitizer isn't just easier (and more fun) to use; studies show that foam sanitizer is more effective than gel hand sanitizers. Results showed that foam sanitizer continues to fight germs up to 3 hours after application. If you need hand sanitizer, the foaming kind is the way to go, it's a no brainer!

Is Kleenex Hand Sanitizer good for preventing Coronavirus?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent ethanol.

Is it safe to use Kleenex Hand Sanitizer with latex gloves?

Yes, Kleenex hand sanitizer has been tested and proven safe to use with latex gloves, making it an ideal product for healthcare workers, nurses, and doctors. Kleenex fits the bill as it is made with a 62% ethyl alcohol formula.

Is it bad to use hand sanitizer?

The only bad thing about using hand sanitizer too frequently is that it might dry out your hands and crack your skin due to its alcohol content.

Can smelling hand sanitizer make you high?

Hand Sanitizer is made with alcohol so if it is ingested it can produce effects similar to alcohol intoxication. Never ingest cleaning products or hand sanitizer. If you or someone you know is suspected of drinking hand sanitizer or any cleaning product seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

Can you mix different hand sanitizers?

In general hand sanitizers aren't made with the type of chemicals you need to worry about mixing, but as a general rule you should always avoid mixing household cleaners and products as sometimes the chemicals in cleaners can combine to produce toxic or noxious fumes.


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